Emerald Plan calling card The Enjoy Prepaid Emerald Plan offers excellent domestic and international rates. With no surcharges, 1-minute rounding and no weekly fees, the Emerald Plan provides a low domestic rate. The Emerald Plan also offers the best rates for all international calling and access from over 100 countries, so keeping in touch is easy.

Emerald Plan Details

Rounding: 1 minute
Weekly Fee: None
Connection Fee: None
Within Continental US:
Surcharge for the US 888 Access Number: 1¢ per minute
Fees & Surcharges: May apply*
Payphone Fee: Up to 99¢/call**
Expiration: 6 months (183 days) after last use; if no use, 6 months (183 days) after being ordered

*May apply on some calls. Please call Customer Service at 1-888-326-6235 for details.
**The payphone surcharge applies only when calling from United States and Canada.

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