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Can a family member or friend abroad call me using my account?

Yes. In order for a friend or family member to call you using your account, you can either give them your PIN or enable pinless dialing on the number they'll be calling you from. The person calling you from abroad should first dial the global access number that corresponds to the country they are calling from, then enter your PIN and then dial your phone number as though they were calling from the U.S. (e.g. 1 + (area code) + (phone number)) WITHOUT PRESSING CALL or SEND BUTTON on the phone after entering the destination number. This is to avoid being charged by the cellular provider for the international call.

Can I see my account balance on the web?

Yes. You can always view your account balance by logging in and going to your online account. In your online account you will see all the refills, credits and your current balance for your Enjoy Prepaid account.

What is the Automatic Refill option?

The Automatic Refill option allows YOU to determine the specific amount that your credit card is refilled when your account balance drops below your refill level. Your Enjoy Prepaid account automatically refills when your balance gets low, and you can continue to make calls without needing to access your account to perform a manual refill.

With the automatic refill option, when is my account balance refilled?

Your account is refilled whenever your balance gets below your refill level that you set. All these settings can be edited at signup or in My Account section of Enjoy Prepaid, after you've logged in.

Can I use Enjoy Prepaid calling card plans international services from a cellular phone?

Yes. You can use Enjoy Prepaid calling card plans to call internationally from any cellular phone (or any other phone as well). Regular airtime charges will apply as per your contract with your cellular provider.

Can I use Enjoy Prepaid international calling card plans from a payphone?

Yes. Yes. However, in certain instances a 99 cents per call FCC regulation fee may be assessed and automatically deducted from your account. This fee is charged by the payphone companies themselves, but it is deducted from your calling card balance.

Can I use Enjoy Prepaid international calling card plans to place calls from other countries?

Yes. Enjoy Prepaid offers great rates from abroad to the United States and to other countries as well; visit our home page and select the countries you're interested in to see the rates.

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