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What are Enjoy Prepaid international calling card plans?

Enjoy Prepaid international calling card plans are a low-cost alternative to your current long distance service. It is a great way to connect with your family and friends, both domestically and internationally. Enjoy Prepaid international calling card plans offer the lowest rates and best connection quality for your calls - to and from anywhere in the world. An innovative way to avoid the hassle of phone cards but still enjoy the great rates, Enjoy Prepaid is a convenient prepaid long distance service that works from your home, office, college dorm-room, from you mobile phone, and you can even use it when abroad. Sign up with one of our Enjoy Prepaid international calling card plans and you can start saving money on your long distance phone calls today!

Why should I use Enjoy Prepaid calling card plans?

If you make long distance phone calls, either domestic or international, Enjoy Prepaid is the economical solution for your calling needs. It is a high-quality voice service that works from any phone and offers the lowest rates in the industry. Tired of being overcharged for long distance calls? Having to re-purchase phone cards time and time again? Frustrated with getting cut-off mid-conversation because your phone card ran out of money? Now, Enjoy Prepaid calling card plans provide the same savings as traditional phone cards, but offer a convenient and continuous service that eliminates the hassles of traditional calling cards.

How do Enjoy Prepaid calling card plans work?

To place calls through Enjoy Prepaid:

  1. Dial one of our access numbers
  2. If calling from a registered phone number then proceed to Step 3; If you are calling from an unregistered phone number, then enter your assigned PIN.
  3. Domestic calls: Enter 1+ destination number
International calls: Enter 011 + country code + city code + destination number
Please make sure you DO NOT PRESS CALL or SEND BUTTON on your phone after you enter the destination number. This is to avoid being charged by your cellular provider for the international call.

Do I always need to enter my PIN to make phone calls?

No. When you sign up with Enjoy Prepaid you can register up to 6 phone numbers from which you use this service (home, cell phone, child's dorm-room, etc). When making calls from these registered numbers, dial your access number and then dial your destination number, no PIN is necessary. However, a PIN will be supplied to you so that you can use it when making calls from a non-registered phone number, and still receive Enjoy Prepaids great low rates.

Do I need to notify/cancel my current phone company to use Enjoy Prepaid international calling card plans?

No. Because you access Enjoy Prepaid via an access number, you do not need to notify your phone company of your choice to use our service, nor do you have to cancel your current long distance carrier. Enjoy Prepaid is a separate service from your current phone plan.

Why is a prepaid calling card plan better than a regular long distance service?

Prepaid long distance is advantageous for many reasons. By prepaying for your long distance you know exactly how much money you are spending at all times. There are no surprise charges or excessive phone bills coming month-end. Most significantly, however, is that post-pay long distance providers spend up to 1/3 of your phone bill for collections and bad-debt retrieval. With prepaid calling card plan, this money goes directly towards lowering rates for your phone calls.

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