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Customer Support - Plans and Fees

What is the best calling card plan for me?

Enjoy Prepaid offers a variety of international calling card plans created to fit every persons needs. Please visit our product page and read the descriptions for each product to see which one is a better fit for your calling needs. If you still can't decide, feel free to call our Customer Service department, and one of our friendly representatives will answer all your questions.

What is a "Weekly Fee"?

Most long distance providers charge a weekly or monthly fee for providing you with the services that they offer. Also, other long distance providers charge an additional fee for calling to international locations.

What does "No Connection Fee" mean?

If you frequently make international phone calls, chances are you have at some point paid a connection fee. Long distance providers, as well as some phone cards, will charge a connection fee that ranges from $0.50 - $3.00. With connection fees, every international call costs you an initial fee to connect to a foreign destination. Enjoy Prepaid does NOT charge any connection fees.

What does "Rounding" mean?

Rounding or minute rounding represents the span of time to which your call length will be rounded. For example, if a calling card plan has a 3-minute rounding and you talk on the phone for 1 minute, you will be charged for 3 minutes of talk time. Enjoy Prepaid offers four plans with different rounding options, and you are generally advised to select one with a higher rounding if you make long phone calls, and a lower minute rounding if you usually make short phone calls.

What are the rates calling back to U.S. from a foreign country / calling to another country besides the U.S.?

The rates calling back to the U.S. differ depending on what country you are calling from. Check out the rates for calling from your desired country to the United States and select other countries by using Enjoy Prepaids Search Box located on the home page of the website.

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